AWANA clubs help our church work together with parents to develop spiritually minded children who are prepared to serve Jesus Christ with their lives. With caring, trained leaders investing love and wisdom into shaping children’s lives, you will quickly discover that Awana is a fun approach to a serious calling.

Awana teaches children that God is real, He loves them and He has expressed that love through His Son, Jesus Christ. Kids also learn how to experience a relationship with God. Bible lessons teach them how to obey God in a complex world.

Awana exists to give boys and girls the opportunity to know, love and serve God and their community. 

Three segments provide start-to-finish excitement in every meeting.

Game Time: The Awana game circle provides maximum opportunity for children to get involved, no matter their athletic ability. They unleash their energy while learning teamwork, sportsmanship and other character traits through their participation.

Handbook Time: Kids work one on one with a trained leader to finish assignments in their curriculum materials. Awana emphasizes memorizing and understanding key Bible verses that teach children how to know and follow God. A series of awards and trophies reward their achievements at every level.

Council Time: Kids and leaders gather together for award time and a Bible message. We teach Bible stories, doctrine, apologetics, and spiritual life while encouraging students to think through and ask questions about Christianity. 

Currently our program hosts clubs for:

Cubbies (Pre-school)

Sparks (K-2nd grade)

Truth & Training (3rd-6th grade)

Awana Club meets on Wednesday nights, from 6:45-8:15pm and is open to any and all children, from members of NorthStone Baptist Church to non-Christains. We invite parents to join us in our auditorium for Bible study from 7:00-8:15pm.

You can drop off your child at the gym to the west of the auditorium where we will have our game time. You can pick up your child at the education building that is connected to the auditorium. If you are unsure, let one of our members take you to the right place. We hope you will join us soon.